IntelliStage 12' x 8' Portable Stage Package with Carpeted Surface - 96 sqft - Select Height

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  • Customize This Stage! Change the Size, Add Steps, Guardrails, Skirting, and More - Fill Out the Quote Form Below or Call!
  • Easy Set Up by One Person - Perfect for Bands, Event Halls, DJs, Schools, Press Companies, & More
  • Platforms Disconnect from Risers for Compact Storage & Transport - Dollies & Transport Systems Available
  • Super Strength! Each 4' x 4' Platform Can Hold 3,000 lbs!
  • Select Your Height - 8", 16", 24", or 32" Heights Available

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Warranty:   IntelliStage 2 Year Warranty Handled by Go Go Office Learn More

Modular Design - Start with Any Size & Grow As Needed

IntelliStage portable stages are constructed of either 4' x 4' or 3' x 3' platforms. We can create stages of any size, and if you need to add more platforms in the future, it's easy to add on to your existing stage with the built-in ganging system. Risers can also stack! Start with an 8" high stage, and you can add 16" risers later to stack and create a 24" high stage.

Incredible Strength & Durability

The unique design of the IntelliStage riser system allows the stage to evenly distribute weight and maintain a weight capacity of 157 lbs per square foot. That's over 2,500 LBS per 4' x 4' platform. Strong enough to hold a full size vehicle!

"Very versatile stage. We are a rental company and use IntelliStage for our clients in all sorts of applications from wedding venues to churches. It is very popular for bands and public speaking events. For us, moving it and setting it up is simple, which is the key."

Optional Step Packages give you a leg up to higher stages. Add basic steps or full packages with wheels and guard rails.

Add Guardrails for safety on higher stages like 24" and 32" heights. Guardrails can be added along edges and steps.

Shop Skirting to give your stage a complete look. Cover one side of the stage, or all four. Different heights of skirting available for different riser heights.

Add Transportation and Storage Solutions

IntelliStage offers 6 different solutions for transport and storage. From flight cases to dollies that hold racks of platforms, risers, and guard rails, the different transportation systems allow for convenient transport of your stage, whatever your needs may be.

Infinite Layout Options

IntelliStage offers square platforms, triangle platforms, and rounded platforms. Using these shapes, you can create everything from a fashion runway to a circular stage. Different levels of risers can be used to create audience seating platforms, or raised areas for a drum kit on a band stage. Truss packages can be added as well for a complete and professional production setup.

Full Specifications

Portable IntelliStage stages are commonly found in businesses, schools, universities, houses of worship, hotels, resorts, military organizations, and more! The innovative IntelliStage modular design is extremely versatile, allowing you to create virtually any stage configuration or shape to fit your needs. Here’s a quick overview of what IntelliStage has to offer:

  • Square, quarter-round, and triangle shaped modular platforms can form any stage configuration
  • Add guardrails, steps, ramps, skirting, mobile kits, and other accessories to your modular stage
  • Risers are available in 8”, 16”, 24”, and 32” and can even be stacked up to two high to increase the height of the stage
  • Fast & easy setup requires just one person!
  • Strength! Each platform has a weight capacity of 185 lbs/sqft
  • A compact and lightweight design allows for convenient transportation and storage
  • Optional dollies and flight cases can assist with transportation
  • 4’ x 4’ platforms feature cable and electrical port-holes
  • Easy Upgrade! Since IntelliStages are modular, you can add additional platforms and accessories at any time

This stage package includes everything you need for a basic stage. Keep in mind that this stage is compatible with all IntelliStage modular stage pieces and accessories. If you would like to add additional platforms to increase the size of the stage, or additional accessories like guardrails, steps, or skirting, the modular IntelliStage design makes it very easy to do so!

This stage package includes:

  • 6 Pieces of 4'x4' Carpet Surface Stage Platforms
  • 6 Pieces of Matching Risers (Select from height of 8", 16", 24", 32")
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